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Dry Hair Collection

Treatments for brittle, dull, frizzy and breaking hair due to dehydration.

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Treatments for thinning, balding and receding hairlines

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Smoothing Hair


Hair Smoothing

Non-chemical conditioning treatments that infuses your hair with ceramides

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Sustainable Hair Care

Healthy hair that looks and feels good can make you feel confident and super attractive. Shiny and Strong hair makes you the cynosure of all eyes.

Taking a few basic hair care steps go a long way in maintaining your hair. Otherwise, hair fall, unhealthy hair, and lackluster hair is the end result that can well be avoided. Remember, your hair is an index of your personality which can make or break your looks.

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Making Beauty Sustainable

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Selecting the most sustainable haircare brands to show your hair and the planet some love

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African Hair Growth Treatment 200ml
African Hair Growth Treatment 200ml
Strand Maximiser Bald Spot Treatment 200ml
Strand Maximiser – Bald Spot Treatment 200ml
Platinum Hair Growth Treatment 200ml
Platinum Hair Growth Treatment 200ml
Junior HairGrowth Treatment 200ml
Junior Hair Growth Treatment 200ml

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    Indication: Shapeless hair, wavy, damaged or frizzy. 3 to 4 Applications per tub. Botox for Hair is great for ladies who struggle with frizz. It plumps up the hair giving it bounce and making it so much more manageable. Botox for Hair works by reconstructing and aligning the hair fibers from the very first treatment. It is the most efficient way to repair the follicles, and it strengthens your hair from the root. Botox for Hair has a cumulative effect which helps your existing hair to repair itself over time. Packed with collagen, protein, keratin and 12 essential oils: Gossypium herbaceum seed oil, Butyrospermum Parkii butter, Macadamia Oil, Cocos nucifera fruit extract (coconut), Chammomilla leaf extract, Aloe leaf Extract, Camellia leaf extract, Cinnamomum bark extract, Arcorus calamus root extract, Commiphora resin, Olea fruit extract, Argon Oil It provides a deep hydration infusion and smoothing effect. It replenishes lost protein, and it also provides intensive hydration, repairs split ends, reduces frizz, and adds a beautiful shine to your hair. The treatment nourishes strands from the inside out and gives the hair a smoothing effect. It penetrates deep into your hair rather than sitting on the top. – Heals and restore damaged hair strands – Deep hydration and smoothing effect – Nourishing and strengthening – Healthy frizz free hair Did you know? Hair Botox Treatment has a cumulative effect which helps your existing hair to repair itself over time.
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  • Thermal Heating Cap
    This Deep Conditioning Thermal Cap is a reusable thermal microwavable cap. It is made of 100% Cotton and filled with sustainable flaxseed. BonBons are the most environmentally friendly way to deep condition your hair with heat. The Caps are individually pocketed for even heat distribution and a comfortable fit. A thermal heat cap is a heated deep conditioning cap that opens up hair cuticles. This allows a deep conditioner product to penetrate the strands of your hair more easily. Deep conditioning is designed to support the healthy, hydration, strength and overall appearance of hair, and it should be a regular part of most people’s hair care routine.
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  • Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil nourishes and stimulates the root of the hair, for more luscious hair.
    The oil is an all purpose healing oil and haircare essential made with 100% natural, hand-processed black castor oil. It helps moisturise, nourish and condition the hair and scalp to improve hair strength and health. It has been used for centuries to treat hair and skin problems, and people worldwide are rediscovering its incredible effectiveness in rejuvenating damaged hair and promoting hair growth for all hair types. Here are just some of the benefits  the oil treatment can offer you: ♁ Thickening and strengthening of hair ♁ Smoother, shinier and softer hair ♁ Treatment if dry, itchy scalp ♁ Increased hair growth in thinning areas ♁ Growth of eyelashes and eyebrows ♁ Improved scalp circulation ♁ Repair of split ends and hair breakage ♁ Reduced hair loss ♁ Improved eczema control . Directions: Massage a small amount of the treatment oil into your scalp and hair roots each day. It can be left on overnight for maximum effectiveness. Cover your pillow to prevent soiling in situations where you have used the product quite extensively on your hair and scalp. Once a week, use Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil as a hot oil treatment. After applying the treatment oil to your scalp and hair, cover your hair with a plastic cap or our  BonBon Deep conditioning thermal cap and go under the Dryer for 15 to 30 minutes. After Hot Oil Treatment with Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil you may shampoo your hair as usual. More ways to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil can be found here
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  • Leave-In Conditioner
    NuLengths De-Tangled has the formula to combat challenging hair. Micro-conditioners silken and separate strands to help repair damage and prevent breakage. Your hair feels moisturised and is silky with a healthy-looking shine. Curls are most fragile when they’re wet. They tangle easily, leading to breakage and frizz. NuLengths De-Tangled delivers help when curls need it most. The natural formula lightly conditions as it detangles. NuLengths De-Tangled has been specifically designed to combat frizzy hair, leaving unmanageable hair hydrated, soft, manageable with a brilliant shine. Containing hydrolyzed protein that helps in repairing damaged hair and Cationic surfactants that help in smoothing the surface of the hair. The formula also combines with essential oils that help in making your hair soft and less vulnerable to tangles.
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Thus Spoke our Customers

“ I have very brittle hair and was about to cut off all my hair then a friend of mine told me just to try the platinum hair growth treatment, well I tried it and even told my mother to try. I was very impressed with the quick results”
“Bald spots is now a thing of the past. I will no longer be thinking or worrying about that again. I could see small results within the first week. It took patience but I finally no longer have any bald patches and will continue to use these products so I can have my hair grow to lengths I only imagined. I even have my husband using it now”
“I saw results with the Strand Maximiser on the same day. Been on methotrexate (cancer meds) my hair falls like crazy and the treatment stopped the hair fall on the same day and it really made my hair grow. I am still on cancer meds and my hair is 69cm long from crown to tip. I am the only one in my cancer group that has long thick beautiful hair”
“I am still using this product every day. I cut my hair a month ago and it has grown back to the same length within a month. It makes my hair shine and I can definitely see the difference especially with me having thyroid problems. My hair used to be dry and brittle due to my thryroide.”
“My hair was so damaged. There is now a big improvement. My hair was falling out when I combed it bit now the hair fall is much less”
NataliePort Elizabeth
SusanCape Town

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