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  • Hair Growth Treatment
    Black African hair requires proper maintenance for it to grow and stay healthy. A number of products on the market promise immediate growth. Hair growth, however, is determined by genetics as well as the manner in which each person nourishes their hair on a daily basis. NuLengths African Hair Growth Treatment has been specifically designed for African Hair types that require more intensive growth and conditioning treatments. The formula is designed to stop and slow down hair loss by stimulating growth within the hair follicles and supplying the hair with additional vital nutrients, thereby also combating weak hair and scalp conditions. African Hair Growth Treatment contains only organic ingredients, that improve the blood flow in the scalp, allowing for an increase in oxygen delivery while restoring the small hair follicles to their normal size and activity. NuLengths African Hair Growth Treatment has over a 90% success rate, with incredible results displayed within the first two weeks of use. See your hair line completely restored. Applied to the scalp through a spray pump applicator to reduce hair loss, revitalize hair and scalp and create optimal conditions for healthy growth. Phenomenal results have been achieved with individuals that have undergone various medical treatments including Thyroid, Menopause, CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatrical Alopecia) and Radio/Chemotherapy. Please take a tour of our before and after photo's from South African men and woman that have tried NuLengths African Hair Growth Treatment with great success. Suitable for men and woman. Individual results may vary.
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